Jimmy Kimmel Valiantly Continues His Assault on Jay Leno, Ken Burns Style


As much as we have enjoyed David Letterman and Conan O'Brien bludgeoning the Chin on a nightly basis for the last few weeks, there's no denying that Jimmy Kimmel has been at the forefront of the Embarrass Jay Leno Movement since the very beginning. Whether it was dressing up in full Leno regalia or pulverizing Leno in a face-to-face interview that's already entered the pantheon of television's all-time most cringeworthy moments, Kimmel is close to earning Vulture hero status for the brave stand he has taken. We have already shown you a brief clip from last night's episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live! in which Kimmel tells the story of the Late-Night War in Ken Burns-ian fashion, but we decided that it would be a disservice to you, the loyal Vulture reader, if we didn't show you the whole four-minute shebang.