Leap Year and Fifteen Other Movies Whose Release Dates Do Not Honor Their Titles


We haven’t yet seen Leap Year, the Amy Adams romantic comedy in theaters today, and while we’re sure it offers no shortage of satisfyingly predictable clichés, we do have one issue: 2010, the year of its release, is not a leap year! Of course, this is just the latest case in a dastardly Hollywood tradition of not releasing movies within the time frames that their titles mandate. Some of the more notable offenders below.

Groundhog Day — released February 12, 1993
Enchanted April — released July, 1992 (in the U.S.)
Mother’s Day — released September, 1980
Father’s Day — released May, 1997
Summer Hours — released March, 2008 (in France)
Meatballs 4: Summer Vacation — released March, 1992
Born on the 4th of July — released December, 1989
August — released July, 2008
Autumn in New York — released August, 2000
September — released December, 1987
October Sky — released February, 1999
Halloween (2007), Halloween II (2009) — both released in August
Sweet November — released February, 2001
November — released July, 2005
Surviving Christmas — released October, 2004

*Music bonus: Dr. Dre’s 2001 came out in 1999.

Okay, what did we miss?