Lost Creators in No Rush to Write Down Show’s Ending


Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse have claimed that the ending of Lost has been charted out since day one, but it was hard to take them seriously until their voluntary decision to make this sixth season the last one. Now, with the season premiere five days away (!), you’d assume the ending they’d been kicking around all those years was scripted and secured in a high-security Dharma Initiative bunker, right? Wrong! Cuse tells the Times: “We came up with the final image of the show a long time ago, back when we were first plotting out the mythology in the first season. [But] we still have six hours of the show to make. That is sort of the equivalent of three feature films. We have to do all the writing for those in about eight or nine weeks, and we have to finish shooting them between now and the middle of April.” Wait, wait, wait — they’ve only had the final image worked out? (If by "image" Cuse is referring to the Lost title card, God bless us, we’re gonna hurt somebody.) They haven’t even written the ending yet? There isn’t already a final scene that will beautifully justify five seasons of batshit-crazy television? The whole thing could still fall off the rails? There’s enough time to write in a musical number?

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