MacGruber Trailer: Lack of Big Laughs Is Only of Mild Concern


The advance word on MacGruber is that it's "the best SNL film since Wayne’s World." Considering that it is competing against the likes of Stuart Smalley Saves the World and It's Pat!, it's probably best to take the early reaction of a single fanboy with not just a grain of salt, but a whole can of Morton's. That said, as unabashed fans of writer and star Will Forte's last big-screen effort, The Brothers Solomon, we remain confident that Pepsuber MacGruber is going to deliver the goods now that it's been blown up to feature-film size. We'll cop to being a little bit concerned that this red-band trailer for the film seems to be lacking on the humor front, but we're hopeful that there will be plenty of guffaws in the final product.

(Our apologies in advance about the age-protection thingie!)

MacGruber Red-Band Trailer [Trailer Addict]