Mariah Carey’s Biggest Fan Isn’t Giving Up on Her Oscar Chances Just Yet


Embattled gossip columnist and Wolverine pirate Roger Friedman has never been accused of keeping his feelings of adoration for Mariah Carey under wraps. After all, his devotion to Mimi has kept him at the forefront of the anti-Mo'Nique campaign since its very inception (which, honestly, has been one of the few interesting stories of this year's Oscar race to date). And although Mariah's Oscar hopes for Precious have almost certainly gone the way of the dodo, that's not stopping Friedman from continuing to trumpet her as a Supporting Actress candidate.

It’s too bad Mariah didn’t get pushed more for an Oscar or Globe in “Precious,” since she’s also supported the movie like crazy. She’s shown up anywhere they’ve asked her to go. And she didn’t require a fee to be there, either!

We're glad to see that Friedman was able to work another Mo'Nique potshot into his pro-Mariah screed! Oh, and speaking of Mariah, we've got our fingers crossed that she shows up to collect her People's Choice award tonight while just as (allegedly) sloshed as she was at the Palm Springs Film Festival last night.

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