Episodes Promo: Matt LeBlanc Is ... Matt LeBlanc


Hey, Matt LeBlanc has a new show! And it sort of looks funny! We know, we almost can’t believe it, either! Presumably, those fat Friends residual checks could keep LeBlanc in grocery money for the rest of his life, so that he hasn’t done much since Joey got canceled in 2006 could theoretically be attributed as much to the possibility that he wasn’t being offered anything good as to the (more likely) possibility that he wasn’t being offered anything at all. Either way, LeBlanc is back now, playing "Matt LeBlanc" in Showtime’s Episodes. Yeah, the “actors playing themselves” angle was a lot more interesting a half-decade ago, plus didn’t his Friends' pal Lisa Kudrow basically already do that on The Comeback? But Episodes' concept — a hit British TV show gets butchered in its American remake — sounds kind of great. Also, just try to keep your eyes off LeBlanc’s distinguished gray sideburns in this new promo.