M.I.A. Is So Back


Hey, a new M.I.A. song! After putting the New York Times "Travel" section on twitterblast yesterday, M.I.A. kept her micro-blogging hot this afternoon with a screen-saverlike Twitvideo labeled “THERES SPACE FOR OL DAT I SEE.” Considering we just heard about her upcoming album (due this summer) last week, it’s certainly a pleasant surprise to have new music already. And while it’s possible this is just some other weird thing that has no connection to her album, we kind of hope it does. It’s a dreamy, mid-tempo affair that sounds like your average M.I.A. song after having just woken up from being dipped in carbonite; plus, she promised Rolling Stone she’d be singing more this time out, and she’s coming through already. That the chorus goes “My lines are down / you can’t call me” suggests this might be "I'm Down Like Your Internet Connection," a song she told RS was inspired by a three-hour tech-support call, although we can’t hear the part that’s supposed to be sung by Filipino Verizon workers. (Maybe they’re on backup vocals?)