M.I.A.’s New Song Is Actually a New York Times Dis Track


On Wednesday, we got a mysterious new song from M.I.A. Now we have some relevant information via the intrepid folks at the Fader. Turns out, it’s a further response to the New York Times "Travel" section naming Sri Lanka the No. 1 place to visit in 2010, and it is currently slotted for her new album, which might be out in June. From M.I.A.’s publicist: "It is called 'Space Odyssey' produced by Rusko and M.I.A. The song and video were made Monday night for $100, after the New York Times, as she says: 'fucked up so hard.' Check her tweets — she obviously finds it reckless and ignorant of the paper to not even scratch their own walls on what is reality in Sri Lanka." We’re not sure what lyrics like “The stars are banging close to me” have to do with any of this, but we’re now certainly excited to find out. [Fader via Daily Swarm]