NBC Picks Up Pilot From Conan O'Brien's Production Company


Well, this is sort of weird. NBC just announced that it has picked up a pilot from, of all places, Conan O'Brien's production company. Justice is an hourlong show about an ex-Supreme Court justice who quits to start his own legal practice. The Hollywood Reporter describes the character as "larger-than-life." But why would NBC enter into a pact with Conan so soon after his unceremonious firing? Because Justice is supposed to be good! Apparently it has been all the buzz at NBC the past few weeks. We imagine this is a bittersweet moment for the newly-unemployed Conan, who suddenly, and much to his surprise, has a way to make some money for NBC (that's the bitter part) and himself (the sweet).

NBC, Conan O'Brien back in business [The Hollywood Reporter]