New Jersey Shore Arrest Comes to Light, Pauly D Gives Michael Cera a Blowout


Those kooky Jersey Shore kids sure know how to get themselves in trouble, don't they? First, poor little Shnickers Snooki found herself on the receiving end of a punch from a meathead gym teacher from Queens. Then, in last week's episode, J-WOWW started doling out punches when a drunken lout made the mistake of calling her and Snooks fat. And in this week's episode, previews show that our boy Ron Ron decided to hammer some poor bro out on the boardwalk for reasons that remain mysterious. But guess what? Those sleuths over at People discovered that Ronnie's (real name: Ronnie Ortiz-Magro) shenanigans that evening landed him in the clink. Ever the vigilant warrior, he tells them that "I regret getting arrested. I don’t regret having the fight." We can only hope that he unleashed the fury of his hulking biceps as a way to protect Sammi's honor, but we'll know for sure in less than 36 hours!

And in our continuing quest to feed your starving minds with as much Jersey Shore–related content as possible, here's video of Michael Cera getting his hair blown out by D.J. Pauly D.

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