Our Little Genius Producers Taking All Precautions Against Crying, Booing


When Fox recently announced plans for a quiz show on which gifted children compete for money, cheered on by their parents who get to decide whether to advance to the next round, concerns were raised that such a program might exploit and put negative pressure on kids who already have trouble fitting in — and Our Little Genius producer John Stevens, for one, intends to deliver on that promise! "There is theatrical pressure, meaning we create the lights and the music," he boasts to today's Times. "The screen on a normal game show is 15 feet. The screen on our game show is 75 feet." Still, if the worst should happen, you probably won't see it on TV when Genius premieres next Wednesday.

The Times' Edward Wyatt observes:

[T]he producers at a recent taping had the show’s host, the comedian Kevin Pollak, and the contestant tape some fake endings to be inserted into the broadcast if the child subsequently answered a question wrong. In doing so, they were able to capture the young participant giving an aw-shucks response to a supposed wrong answer — rather than, say, breaking down in tears — as his parents joined him onstage, and the audience applauded with a resounding show of support.

In summation, Our Little Genius is obviously no Kid Nation.

In summation, Our Little Genius is obviously no Kid Nation.

Oh, Just Answer the Question, Honey [NYT]