Video: Awkwardness Always Reigns at the People’s Choice Awards


Last night, the televised portion of the 2010 awards season kicked off in the most middle-of-the-road fashion possible with the People's Choice Awards. A lot of uppity critics slag the authenticity of this event because virtually every "star" who shows up knows in advance that they have won an award, but we say phooey to that. After all, what other awards show has the cojones to give George Lopez (George Lopez!) the chance to tell a series of awkward Mr. Skin jokes and insinuate that Sandra Bullock has slept with Tiger Woods? Certainly not the Oscars! What other show has the audacity to get that daffy ol' octogenarian hoofer Cloris Leachman all dressed up in bondage gear for a barely coherent Paranormal Activity spoof? And where else can you see LL Cool J sensually lick his lips seven times in the span of just 30 seconds? Sadly, Jay Mohr didn't win any awards this year, but that didn't stop us from pulling together this highlight reel of some of last night's most awkward moments. Roll tape!