Mad Men’s Michael Gladis Reviews His Co-stars’ Off-Season Beards


This week, the world mourned the loss of Jon Hamm's glorious beard, which he was forced to remove by the cruel, fuzz-averse bosses at Saturday Night Live (where he returns as host tomorrow). But Hamm isn't the only Mad Men star who's spent the show's hiatus growing a chin curtain — did you see the cast at the SAG Awards last weekend? They looked like Fleet Foxes! Last night we called up Michael Gladis, who plays Sterling Cooper's whiskered copywriter Paul Kinsey, and had him explain the epidemic: "On the show, everybody wants to imitate Jon Hamm," he told us. "But in real life, everybody wants to emulate me." Since he's Mad Men's foremost authority on beard-growing, we asked him to evaluate the facial hair of his co-stars.