Red-Carpet Look Books: An Analysis of Awards-Season Style


In the slew of parties, functions, and awards ceremonies that culminate with the Oscars, there are only two things that really matter: who wins what, and who wears what. Event after countless event, the red-carpet parade is as closely watched as the awards-season race itself. These highly managed appearances make use of carefully selected wardrobe; the sum total of outfits is crucial to the calibration of a celebrity's image and, more important, his or her career (keep showing up in revealing minidresses, and you probably won't be recognized for your Blanchett-level talent).

To that end, we present our Red-Carpet Look Books — think of them as fashion yearbooks, chronicling the recent appearances made by the season's major contenders and the red carpet's biggest players, from Carey Mulligan to Meryl Streep, Vera Farmiga to Gabourey Sidibe. We'll be adding to them as the season progresses; keep checking back to see how the stars' looks evolve as they gear up for February and the reddest carpet of them all.

The Red-Carpet Look Books