Report: Darren Aronofsky Unwilling to Perform 3-D Circus Tricks for MGM


A few weeks back, we warned you that Avatar's massive worldwide success would result in every movie ever getting the full 3-D treatment. It's not so much the artistic triumphs of the HMFIC's latest that has Hollywood frothing at the mouth, but rather the fact that consumers seemed more than willing to part with a few extra bucks to see a movie while wearing crappy plastic shades over a boring, old two-dimension projection. Well, as studios begin to line up their future quarterly profit projections film lineups, studio execs are requiring just about every filmmaker attached to a tent-pole picture to rethink how their movie would be made in 3-D, regardless of whether it would suit the plot. To wit: According to a report over at Moviehole, MGM's head honcho Mary Parent recently posed that very question to Darren Aronofsky, who's been hard at work prepping the Robocop reboot for months.

So, how do you think an auteur like Aronofsky — a guy, mind you, who spent six years developing a movie in which Hugh Jackman eats the bark of a future space tree that's supposed to be the reincarnated version of Rachel Weisz! — took this request? Well, if Moviehole is to be believed (and who wouldn't trust a site with a name like Moviehole?), Aronofsky told Parent to shove it and walked off the project, leaving the franchise's future in serious doubt. While we can't really confirm this random report, it surely would be a bummer for both Aronofsky and audiences, and we can only hope that Parent's insistence on 3-D also carries over to the Bond franchise. Because, really, we can see no greater way to make Sam Mendes suffer for his crimes against suburbia than to make him shoot a big action spectacle in three glorious dimensions.

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