R.I.P. Jon Hamm’s Beard, 2009–2010


We hate to break such difficult news to you so early in the morning, but sometimes, a blogger's job requires iron resolve. So it is with great sadness that we pass along the news that sometime between the January 25 New York Rangers game and whenever these new SNL promos that you'll see below were recorded, Jon Hamm's beard shuffled off this mortal coil. We have yet to hear an official statement as to the cause of death from either Hamm, NBC, or AMC, but we have our suspicions that the tragic demise of what was quickly becoming an iconic beard may have been thanks to America's general uncomfortableness with facial hair. While stubble may, indeed, be "in" (we have no idea, you'd have to ask our fashion-forward sisters over at The Cut), there seems to be a prevailing sentiment that beards are only worn by the slovenly and oafish. We were hoping that the unlikely success of The Hangover and Zach Galifianakis last summer would help America get past its personal prejudices, but we were wrong. We'll miss you, Jon Hamm's beard, but we'll always have the 2010 Golden Globes.