She’s Out of My League Trailer: Jay Baruchel Gets Top Billing


We’ve loved Jay Baruchel with a deep passion since Undeclared, but we never thought his stumbling-nerd shtick could make him a Hollywood commodity. Thank God for trail-blazing, mild-mannered comic actor Michael Cera, then, because check out the trailer for She’s Out of My League: Jay Baruchel is a leading man! In a big studio movie! Yeah, League — about a hapless loser who somehow lands a beautiful woman — is written by the guys behind Sex Drive and Hot Tub Time Machine and features few other recognizable faces, but doesn’t that just speak to DreamWorks’ faith in Baruchel’s box-office pull? (For what it’s worth, he’s also Nicolas Cage’s sidekick in The Sorcerer’s Apprentice.) The trailer isn’t half-bad (we laughed out loud at “Are you a plane doctor?”), plus the producers get big-time bonus points for (a) breaking new ground in the field of arbitrary crappy movie character jobs with “airport security guard,” and (b) resisting the urge to use “Is She Really Going Out With Him?” Okay, so it’s practically official: Jay Baruchel is a movie star now.