Spoon Has Arachnophobia


Spoon’s new album Transference is streaming now at NPR, but if those eleven worldly, coolly confident rockers aren’t enough for you, here’s one more: “Mean Red Spider,” the B-side to the single “Written in Reverse.” It’s got that same laser-focused swing you expect from the long-running Austin act, but there’s also a layer of persistent dissonance from the guitar line that suggests the song could float into A Ghost Is Born–era Wilco jam territory at any moment. Britt Daniel and company never let things get out of control, though, which — along with the lyrics, “Ummmm, mean red spider / ummm, spills its guts out / waits by your window / dares you to sleep tight” — only adds to the pervading eeriness.

[Via WeAllWantSomeoneToShoutFor]