Jennifer Lopez and the Ladies of The Bachelor Each Try Their Hand at Stand-up Comedy


See what you've done, Jeff Zucker? Ever since the whole Conan-Jay business surfaced a few weeks back, the comedy world has spun right off its axis. The world of late-night talk-show hosting used to be an insular one, but now that NBC has gone and shaken everything up, performers of all shapes and sizes are brushing up on their stand-up skills in an attempt to become the second-ever host of the hallowed Jay Leno Show.* In the last 24 hours alone, both Jennifer Lopez and a slew of bubbleheaded contestants on The Bachelor tried their hand at telling jokes worthy of Leno's prestigious time slot. Not surprisingly, Lopez proved herself to be the front-runner when she revealed that she's an equal opportunity offender and delivered a timely routine on the George Lopez Show that was filled with jokes about the late-night wars. Meanwhile, over on ABC, The Bachelor's Ashleigh went in another direction and simply decided to dust off her book of blond jokes. Follow along for video of both knee-slapping** routines and let us know which one you prefer!

Here's Jennifer Lopez:

And if you dare, here's some blonde jokes courtesy of The Bachelor:

*Not really, but just go with us on this one, okay?
**Again, not really.