Stephen King Salutes Law Abiding Citizen, 2008’s The Reader on List of Favorite 2009 Films


Good news! If any AMPAS members were waiting to see EW pundit Stephen King's hilarious list of his favorite films of the year before mailing back their nomination ballots, it's finally arrived. Did you think 2009 was a weak year for film? Allow King to disabuse you of your incorrect opinion. Here's his intro:

"I'd give 2009 at the movies a B overall, and that ain't bad — it is, in fact, about as good as it gets. It's true that I found only nine straight-A's when I looked back through my movie notebook (No. 10 on this list was an A-), but there wasn't a single F, and that's a first in my years as an EW columnist. Either I chose more wisely or the quality was better than last year's B-. I prefer to believe the latter, though there were a few disappointments along the way; the trudging Revolutionary Road was the worst of them. With that said, my list of the 10 best follows."

Highlights from that list include Oscar shoo-ins The Taking of Pelham 123, Law Abiding Citizen, The Last House on the Left (at No. 2!), and The Reader, which, like the aforementioned Revolutionary Road, was released in 2008.

Stephen King’s Top 10 Films of ’09 [EW]