Get Ready for The Bachelor, Real World/Road Rules Edition


ABC has ordered a summer spinoff of The Bachelor, which sounds like a cross between Big Brother and A Shot at Love With Tila Tequila ... but with fewer back tattoos! On Bachelor Pad, former winners and contestants from fourteen seasons of The Bachelor and five of The Bachelorette will live in a house and be pitted against (and on top of?) each other in various challenges. "All these people have been friends, been enemies, they date each other and bring all this great backstory to the show," executive producer Martin Hilton told The Hollywood Reporter. Summer's a great time for backstory!

And since they're not competing for true love, perhaps the draconian rules prohibiting sleeping with the crew will be eased up, the set will be the free-love Eden it should be, and we will never again have to see another tragic expulsion like last night's ousting of Rozlyn-with-a-Z Papa on The Bachelor. [HR]