But What Do Mad Men Stars Think of Conan Versus Leno?


As the world waits for official news about the fate of Conan O'Brien, everyone is still talking about the dragged-out fiasco that's pitted Team Jay against Team Coco. Last night, we caught up with Rich Sommer and Bryan Batt from Mad Men at the BAFTA LA Awards Season Tea Party, where at least Sommer was all too willing to make his feelings known. When asked if he was on Team Jay or Team Coco, Sommer answered "Coco all the way! Let me explain! I think the team at Leno needs to get their heads out of their butts. Leno has had about 45 million opportunities not to be a dick in this whole thing. He's had 45 million chances not to be a jerk and he's passed each of them by. He's completely disregarded those opportunities. And he's taken every chance he can to just make the bad decisions. And I am really sad about that. I used to be a big Leno fan. It's really turned me off with this whole thing." His castmate Bryan Batt (that's Sal to all of you) had a different take: "Team Johnny Carson."