This Week in Rap Beef: Lloyd Banks Must Get Paid


Bit of a down week for beef: To our knowledge, no actual famous person said anything mean about any other actual famous person. Instead, we have 50 Cent cronies doing stupid things and radio D.J.'s (radio D.J.'s!) getting into Twitter wars (Twitter wars!). Maybe all the rappers just figured they wouldn’t be able to outdo Leno versus Conan.

2. Lloyd Banks versus a concert promoter
Say What? After doing a show at Club NV in Ontario last Friday, G-Unit’s Lloyd Banks and three of his pals allegedly barged into event promoter Chris Hine’s hotel room and beat the crap out of him. The altercation is rumored to have sprung from a heated dispute about the U.S. military’s best course of action in Pakistan’s Swat Valley. Just kidding, it was about money.
The Takeaway: Banks was briefly held by Canadian immigration officials after the incident, but has since been released. To which we say: Canada, please, feel free to keep him. No, really, we insist!

1. D.J. Funkmaster Flex versus D.J. Clue
Say What? Power 105’s Clue and Hot 97’s Flex have competing evening time slots, which is apparently enough reason for them to hate each other. Clue took shots this week via Twitter, saying, “@funkmasterflex Is the only dj they made a trending topic about how horrible he is! He gotta $ pay $ artists to come hang at his parties.” Flex then shot back with a mean-spirited trending topic of his own.
The Takeaway: We’re still trying decide if beefing via trending topics is genius or wicked dumb. In the meantime, we’re giving the edge to Clue for eliciting this tweet: “#whenfunkflexdjs i call up nike to book that muppet dj that be on kobe/lebron new commercial.”