This Week in Rap Beef: Rocket Launchers and Velcro Straps


Surprisingly, we haven’t run into that many actual dis tracks since we started tracking the beef weekly. This week, we get two! And one of them is pretty good!

2. Brisco versus Gucci Mane
Say What? Lil Wayne affiliate Brisco took offense at Gucci mentioning his name in an obscure, but still less than flattering manner on “Heavy,” and has now shot back via “Waka Blacka,” which attacks Gucci as well as his pals OJ da Juiceman and Waka Flocka Flame. It’s unclear why Gucci mentioned Brisco in the first place, but … and you stopped reading at “Waka Flocka Flame,” didn’t you?
The Takeaway: The song’s a dud, as Brisco mostly spends his time un-creatively and inconsiderately making fun of Waka for having recently been shot. This is probably the best line: “They shot me, I shot them/I call that shit my retweet.”

1. Joe Budden/Royce da 5’9” versus Benzino
Say What? Loyal readers of TWIRB will recall this rocket-launcher-centric feud from a few weeks back. It’s still flaring up, although once Benzino hears Budden and Royce’s punchy “40/40,” he might want to throw in the towel.
The Takeaway: Royce’s verse is really dope, with a bunch of highlights: “We can lace him up, pay per view, however you wanna do it/then donate the proceeds to Haiti”; “I’m bonkers, I’m cuckoo, I’m beyond gonzo/the rocket launcher is like a part of my ensemble” ; “My momma got fangs, my daddy got ducks feet/I was genetically predisposed to fuck freaks.” (Note: We’re not really sure what that last one means, but it sounds pretty tough.) Still, it’s kind of overshadowed by the talking part at the end where Joe Budden makes fun of Benzino for wearing shoes with Velcro straps.