TMZ: Jay Might Get the Tonight Show Back; Conan ‘Increasingly Likely’ to Go to Fox


Following Conan's love letter to NBC today, TMZ reports that if he splits, the network has signed off on a plan to give Leno his old, hour-long 11:35 show back — and it'll likely be called the Tonight Show. But Conan may yet have his revenge! TMZ says O'Brien looks "increasingly likely" to make a deal with Fox for a new late-night show to air between 11 and midnight. In New York, at least, Conan's show would take the place of reruns of Seinfeld and The Office, meaning (presumably) fewer residual checks for both the guy who negged him at TCA yesterday and the former NBC wunderkind whose prime-time blundering necessitated Leno's 10 p.m. show in the first place. Hey, at least it's something.

'The Tonight Show' with Jay Leno ... The Sequel [TMZ]