Toddlers Run Amok Re-creating Jersey Shore


You juiceheads out there aren't going to believe this, but MTV is running not one, but TWO new episodes of Jersey Shore tonight! We're not entirely sure why they decided to reduce the overall run of their most popular show in eons by burning two new episodes in one night, but we've never been the type to look a gift horse in the mouth (at least, not without the liquid confidence that comes after slamming a pitcher of Ron-Ron juice). Anyway, as a means of whetting your appetite for tonight's two-hour extravaganza, we'd like to share with you this delightful slice of cuteness that is sort of like the Muppet Babies meets Jersey Shore (only this time around, the mini-Situation may or may not have an outie).

This Is Cute, You Should Watch It of the Day [Daily What]