Twilight 3 Script Leaked by Negligent Vampire


See? This is why Twilight actors can't have nice things. First a copy of the New Moon screenplay winds up in a St. Louis trash can (suspiciously near the set of the Anna Kendrick–starring Up in the Air), and now another of the series' stars has apparently gone and uploaded the Twilight Saga: Eclipse script straight to the damn Internet. Nikki Finke has, somehow, deduced that said script — the first page of which can be seen above — belonged to Jackson Rathbone, who plays Jasper Hale in New Moon and Eclipse. It seems to be an early draft and not a shooting copy, though that barely matters because Twilight fans will have read Stephenie Meyer's book anyway (plus, Summit has the insurance of Taylor Lautner's IMAX were-muscles to fill theaters when Eclipse is released on June 30). Even so, we'd say Jasper is probably owed a visit from the Volturi.