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Vampire Weekend Backlash Culminates With Comparison to Widely Disliked Nation

Tomorrow it will be two years to the day since we charted the backlash to the then up-and-coming Vampire Weekend. Although we were wrong to hilariously predict that their second album would earn 1.3 stars on Pitchfork — the chart-topping Contra scored 8.6, which is .2 more than we would have awarded it — read this cranky new Chicago Reader review for a neat summing-up of the various elements of the backlash that did indeed come to pass. But what’s new? Vampire Weekend’s music, apparently, “bears the wounds of America's crisis — it's stocked with cheap imports, a bit too sure of itself, and trying to bullshit its way out of trouble.” That’s it, then — if you don’t listen to Vampire Weekend, the terrorists have won.

Appropriation, Vacation [Chicago Reader]

Photo: Karl Walter/Getty Images