Vulture Programming Announcement: We’ll Be Live-Blogging Conan’s Final Tonight Show


That's right! All of you out there who have canceled your plans in order to support Conan O'Brien on his final night as host of the Tonight Show are invited to join your friendly Vulture editor Mark Graham (that's me!) as I live-blog tonight's big finale. I'll be following in Ricky Gervais's footsteps and getting as drunk as I possibly can before hosting the affair (that is to say, drunk enough to be buzzed but not so drunk that I'll no longer have enough dexterity to properly type). As a way to prepare, I highly suggest you read this excellent piece from next week's New York on how Conan's firing has made him a fitting hero for these troubled economic times. See you in about six hours! (Okay, reverting back to the royal "we" starting ... NOW!) Update: Looking for the liveblog? It's here. [NYM]