What's Left of Miramax Can Be Yours for $700 Million


Now that Disney has shuttered Miramax, little remains of the once-great indie film studio. But like a scorned lover trying to remove all reminders of her ex, Disney is trying to unload what's left (the name, a 700-film catalog) of the Weinstein brothers' former company. So far there are 10 interested bidders looking at a price of about $700 million. The Times pegs Summit Entertainment, the powerhouse behind the Twilight movies, as a likely buyer of the catalog, which generates $300 in annual DVD and TV revenue. Now, we don't know much about business, but paying $700 million for something that makes $300 million a year sounds like a good deal, especially since it means owning the rights to Underclassman.

Disney Looking to Sell What’s Left of Miramax [Media Decoder/NYT]