With Leno Gone from Prime Time, NBC Greenlights Six New Pilots


Now that Jay Leno's 10pm experiment has been officially proven an idea so crazy it was just crazy and nothing else and didn't work, NBC is wasting no time in announcing that they've greenlit six new pilots (in addition to the two, J.J. Abrams' Undercovers and Rex is Not Your Lawyer, which had already been picked up by the network):

"The new pickups include Steinberg's remake of the icon British drama "Prime Suspect," Shore's updated version of the classic "The Rockford Files," Kelley's legal drama "Kindreds," the Bruckheimer-produced action procedural "Chase," as well as romantic comedy "Love Bites," from "Sex and the City" alumna Cindy Chupack, and thriller "The Event" from Nick Wauters."

Our prediction: Love Bites is the first to be canceled (or not scheduled.) NBC is also developing a Los Angeles-based version of Law & Order.

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