Your Wii May Soon Be on Fire: NBA Jam Returns


Terrific news, fans of sports-themed video games: EA Sports is bringing back NBA Jam! The developer has struck a deal with the NBA, and will bring an updated version of the Midway classic to the Wii. It won’t be officially announced until later this month, but the guy who writes about sports video games for ESPN (a hero to us all) has exclusive sources on the inside that confirm the game's coming back. It’s not clear how much will be changed, but that it's for the Wii, which is all about good clean fun, and that the game’s creator, Mark Turnell (along with some of the other members of the original Jam development team), is coming back to consult on the update suggest they'll keep the original flawless template and apply it to current team rosters. Which, again, is terrific news! There’s only one word to describe how we’re feeling right now, and that word is “Slam-a-jamma.”

EA to announce return of 'NBA Jam' [ESPN via Tanooki]