A Collection of J.D. Salinger’s Personal Letters, Including One Eddie Murphy Won’t Like, Are Going on Display


A few weeks back Phoebe Hoban compiled a list of the J.D. Salinger archives held at various libraries across the country, including the Morgan Library’s collection of letters from the author to his friend, artist E. Michael Mitchell. The dates for when the Mitchell letters will be publicly available have now been announced: The first batch (from 1951 to 1969) is going on view March 16 through April 11, and the second (from 1979 to 1993, including a notable 1983 letter in which Salinger supposedly hates on John Wayne, Nancy Reagan, and Eddie Murphy) will be on view April 13 to May 9. Before you head out to the Morgan Library to find out why Salinger didn't like Trading Places, make sure to check out Hoban’s 1987 New York story about reading through the personal correspondence Salinger once attempted to copyright. [City Room/NYT]