AMPAS Hopeful That Team Jacob Fans Will Tune Into the Oscar Broadcast


Last month, 2010 Academy Awards producer Adam Shankman tweeted his concern that scheduling woes might get in the way of convincing any of the tween-friendly Twilight stars to appear on the March 7 broadcast. Well, the gym-loving Shankman will likely sleep soundly this eve, as Kristen Stewart just informed E!'s Marc Malkin that she'll be presenting alongside Taylor Lautner that evening. We can only hope that Lautner seizes the opportunity and shuns the canned TelePrompTer text, instead delivering an impassioned speech about the need for government funding and support in the ongoing war on Restless Leg Syndrome. Well, that or a Taylor Swift dis. Honestly, either will suffice.

Kristen Stewart: I'm Going to the Oscars...With Taylor! [E! Online]