Andy Bernard Is Quite Possibly the Best Thing About The Office


When The Office premiered its sixth season way back in September, we boldly proclaimed that this would be the Year of the Nard Dog, and we were so right. Andy Bernard has stepped up to the plate in nearly every episode this season, whether with a one-liner or leading a great B-plot. We're certainly not alone in our love for him — there are countless YouTube tributes to his finest hours in his early seasons. The show returns tonight to show us how Dunder Mifflin is doing on the verge of new ownership, but frankly, we're more excited to see Andy on the verge of his budding relationship with Erin. He deserves to be with someone who loves him back (we're glaring at you, Angela), especially after all he's given us to love. Click through to see our favorite Nard Dog moments — so far — in season six.