Avatar Is Pocahontas, the Inevitable Trailer Mash-Up


Didn't see this one coming! Just kidding, this is the only thing we saw coming.


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CEO Tim Cook Reportedly Axed Apple’s Dr. Dre Series Over the Dre-Related Sex, Drugs, and Violence

The tech giant is reportedly leaning toward more wholesome TV fare. Or, as some put it, “expensive NBC.”

Fox’s New Last Man Standing Returns Early, and on Twitter No Less

You can just imagine what Tim Allen’s character has to say about this.

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Dr. Phil’s Kidnapping Reportedly Figures Prominently in Warner Bros.’ Harley Quinn and Joker Movie

See, now that is twisted.

Let’s Talk About the Ending of Maniac

Netflix’s genre-hopping epic is really about people struggling to heal themselves in an abusive world.

Watch Kanye and Sweet Baby Saint West Throw Out the First Pitch at Chicago Cubs vs. White Sox Game

Saint is basically the Kanye of babies playing baseball.