The Bachelor Producers Enlist Israeli Secret Service to Combat Reality Steve


So far during this season of The Bachelor, the gossip about which one of the contestants had an inappropriate relationship with a producer has been a bigger story than which lady the boring flyboy Jake Pavelka will end up with. Weeks before this information was revealed on ABC, readers of Reality Steve knew that Rozlyn Papa was the contestant stepping out on the Top Gun. It wasn't as if this was the first time that Reality Steve broke big Bachelor-related news; in fact, he's been doing it for a few seasons now, likely with the assistance of a high-placed mole from the show. This, naturally, concerned ABC and the show's producers, so they took some extreme steps to put an end to it.

While they have not been able to figure out exactly who in the production (or network) is supplying Reality Steve with the juicy deets, executive producer Mike Fleiss told Entertainment Weekly that they take these sorts of issues very seriously. In the past, the show "spent a lot of money and we hired these guys from the Israeli secret service to shake down people and look at phone records and stuff like that. We ultimately found out who it was. That person no longer works for us." Wow! After the first part of that statement, we were half-expecting Fleiss to say, "That person now sleeps with the fishes," but we're glad he and his crack unit of Israeli commandos showed some restraint. If we were Reality Steve, we'd definitely be watching our back. Who knew that blogging had gotten to be so hard-core?

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