Ben Silverman Putting the Old Band Back Together, Turning Facebook Applications Into TV Shows


Before he was the topless-singing, Olympics-attending, tiger-renting, downhill-skiing (eventually deposed) co-chairman of NBC Entertainment, Ben Silverman was a successful adapter of quality foreign entertainment (it was his idea to borrow The Office and Ugly Betty from England and Colombia, respectively). Now he's going back to his roots, sort of.

Variety reports that Silverman's new company, Electus, has signed a pact with Elizabeth Murdoch — to whom he sold Reveille Productions, his old company, in 2008 — to create Electus Distribution, which will sell Silverman-produced content worldwide. The agreement will put Ben back in business with Chris Grant, whom he once hired as Reveille's head of international operations, and give him access to the "established international distribution pipeline" he built before his hire at NBC, probably saving a bunch of money on office supplies. And ED (ha!) has already cut its first deal:

First up, Electus Distribution has sealed a deal with Israel's Abbot Reif Hameiri Prod. Co. ... Electus has already identified Abbot Reif Hameiri's gamer "Cuckoo's Nest," which launched as a Facebook application and turned into a TV series. "Cuckoo's Nest," which will now be developed for U.S. auds, consists of daily live broadcasts on Facebook and will utilize both a studio-based game and home-based audience participation.

Hey, they can't all be The Office.

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