Bryan Batt Gives Us an Update on His Mad Men Employment Status


Yesterday we received a press release about an event called Cabaret Gourmet, a dinner and cabaret event that takes place at the American Airlines Theatre on March 8. Food and show tunes —Sounds fun!, we thought, and were about to delete it until we came across this line: "hosted by Broadway's Bryan Batt, currently starring on hit TV series Mad Men." Bryan Batt, A.K.A. Sal Romano, currently starring on Mad Men? Currently?? Had our Facebook crusade convinced Matthew Weiner to write him back into the show? We called Batt to find out, and he dashed our dreams: "No, no, it's all status quo, even though I have people lighting candles and the whole nine yards," he told us. "The press release must say 'currently starring' because the DVD of season three is coming out soon [March 23]." Batt's keeping busy on a book he's writing, a "momior," about life with his mother, and is also working on a design book called Mad for Design. He appreciates the Save Sal Facebook group: "I think it's lovely, are you kidding? I think it's fantastic." Would he join it? "I don't think I could, I think I'll draw the line there." And he's still keeping the Mad Men dream alive: "Who knows what's going to happen in season four!"