Conan Dumping His New York Apartment


Even though his L.A.-based Tonight Show is dead and Conan can now go where he pleases, it doesn't look like he'll return to New York, sadly. The Post reports that he's selling his duplex penthouse on West 72nd Street and Central Park West. The asking price is $35 million, but we bet you could talk him down to a caviar-splattered Picasso. In a related story, the Wrap says people at Fox and in Conan's camp are both suddenly more hesitant to discuss even the possibility of future plans together, maybe indicating that the sides will soon enter formal discussions for the new Conan-hosted 11 p.m. show that everyone has long assumed is inevitable (yeah, this is pretty speculative). Wherever Conan goes, though, he'll need to cut show costs to below the $1.5 million per week that NBC paid for his Tonight Show, so maybe he'll move to Vancouver for the tax incentives.

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