Can MacGyver’s Creator Save Us From the MacGruber Movie?


Maybe! Latino Review reports (and HR confirms) that Lee Zlotoff, creator of the eighties MacGyver TV show, is seeking to block the release of Universal's upcoming SNL-skit-inspired MacGruber movie (which parodies MacGuyver, obviously) because he thinks it infringes on his rights. And MacGruber dropping on April 23 could screw things up, we suppose, for Zlotoff's planned MacGyver movie, which is currently in development at New Line and would arrive in theaters later (and will probably be funnier). But the First Amendment lawyer HR spoke with doubts an injunction or copyright lawsuit would stick, as he thinks MacGruber is covered under fair use. Hey, speaking of ripoffs — did anybody else think last night's two-bomb-exploding Lost premiere gave off the faint whiff of MacGruber?

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