Carrie Fisher Strikes Back at Wishful Drinking Producer


Carrie Fisher is in a dispute with the producer of her delightful one-woman Broadway show Wishful Drinking, reports the Post's Michael Riedel today. The actress claims she's owed $60,000 over Jonathan Reinis's failure to meet a contractual obligation to move Drinking from Studio 54 (owned by Roundabout Theater Company, a nonprofit) to a "first-class Broadway house" at the end of last year, which would have meant an increase in her weekly salary from a measly $2,500 to something more befitting of the Crown Princess of Alderaan. As such, she says all rights to stage the hit show in other places should revert to her. "This isn't the first time I've had to force Jonny to fulfill his obligations under our deal. I hope he'll comply in this circumstance soon," she tells Riedel in an e-mail. Also, she's in no way averse to working with the producer again: "If he wants to cast me in the title role for the nude musical 'Apocalypse Now: On ICE,' I'm in." The case sounds complicated, but surely awesome Carrie Fisher should be earning more than $2,500 per week, right?

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