Christopher Nolan to Save Superman, Get to Work on Batman 3


Get excited, fans of rebooted things! Nikki Finke and Mike Fleming report that Warner Bros. has asked Dark Knight director Christopher Nolan to play a "godfather" role in the development of a new Superman reboot. Nolan probably wouldn't direct — because he's also officially working on the second Batman Begins sequel now, say Finke and Fleming — but would just oversee the movie, in which Superman would somehow allow himself to be made a villain for a greater good while growling unintelligibly (presumably). The film would completely ignore Bryan Singer's 2006 stinker Superman Returns, thankfully, with a brand-new take on the character, though Deadline warns us: "Bryan [Singer] or Brandon [Routh] are not completely out of it yet" (surely they pretty much are, though, right?). Anyway, the only real surprise here is Nolan's vague involvement, since a judge ruled last July that Warner Bros. would lose the Superman franchise if they were not to start work on a new movie by 2011. Let the implausible casting rumors commence!

It's A Bird! It's A Plane! It's Chris Nolan! He'll Mentor Superman 3.0 And Prep 3rd Batman [DHD]