How Crazy Are Pop Culture’s Craziest Crazies, From The Crazies to Gnarls Barkley to Eddie to Glue?


This weekend sees the premiere of the horror movie The Crazies, so titled because the movie is about people who are crazy. No, they really are crazy. Like, violent and screamingly psychotic. But you were right to be suspicious, because you've probably been burned before: The word "crazy" is so overused in pop culture — in movie and song titles, powerful adhesives, card games — that one should always check ahead to make sure "crazy"-branded things are in fact crazy before spending your valuable crazy-allocated time and money. And so we give you a slideshow of the seventeen most influential pop culture "crazy"s in recent memory, and gauge their actual craziness. Anyway, in the words of Prince, "let's go crazy!" (No. 8, by the way.) And, of course, let us know which crazies we left out, crazy.