Dr. John Suggests New Orleans As Your Next Vacation Destination


We started our look at the Academy’s Best Original Song nominees yesterday with "Almost There," and we continue the journey this afternoon with, "Down in New Orleans," another Randy Newman track from The Princess and the Frog. (Be honest, too much Randy Newman recently? Or is there no such thing as “too much Randy Newman”?) This time it’s Louisiana music legend Dr. John laying down the New-man’s lyrics, which try as best they can to make New Orleans sound super debauched and crazy and awesome despite this being a Disney movie: “Bring your paintbrush/we paintin’ the town”? “The women are very pretty/and all the men deliver”? Still, it’s jaunty and quick and right to the point, and we can totally imagine it sounding great before some antics from troublemaking animated frogs. Give it a listen!