Emily Nussbaum Is Thankful This Is the Last Season of Lost


You would be hard pressed to find many people who have spent more time absorbing and analyzing the many mysteries of Lost than New York television critic Emily Nussbaum. Those of you who pore over her weekly recaps would no doubt agree. However, now that the program has entered its homestretch, a strange feeling seems to be washing over her. Instead of feeling anticipatory glee while watching the season premiere, the episode "filled her with dread" as she wondered, "What was this wild goose that I had been chasing so loyally for five seasons?" Nussbaum addresses her issues with the gaps in some of the narrative's larger themes in a piece that appears in next week's issue of New York, but we decided to publish it a bit early for you, the loyal Vulture readership. Enjoy!

Now Preparing for Descent [NYM]