Filming of Congressional Reality Show Disrupts Committee Hearing


But what about the hot-tub confessional? The Onion reports.

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James Earl Joins Scream Queens For Season 2; With All of These New Male Additions, Ryan Murphy Might Have to Rename the Show Scream Kings

As a series regular.

Lil Wayne, Wiz Khalifa, and Imagine Dragons Are a Merry Band of Maniacs in the Video for Suicide Squad's 'Sucker For Pain'

No pain, no gain?

The Trailer for Dirty 30 Definitely Stays True to Its Name

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Kanye West Just Premiered His 'Famous' Music Video And It Is NSFW

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Tony Robbins Convinced Dozens of His Followers to Walk Across Hot Coals

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Outcast’s Wrenn Schmidt on Her Big Scene and Why the Show Is Really About Identity

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Outcast Recap: Keeping the Romance Alive

"A Wrath Unseen" is Outcast's best episode yet.

Lin-Manuel Miranda Thinks This Year's 'Amazingly Diverse' Tonys Was a Fluke

"We lucked into one of the most extraordinarily diverse seasons we’ve ever seen in the history of Broadway."

A Real-Life Alien Invasion Is Preferable to Watching Independence Day: Resurgence

This hodgepodge has been thrown together in so slovenly a way that it’s no surprise the studio didn’t show it to the press.

Game of Thrones Might Be Heading Towards A Succession Nightmare

If/when Tommen dies, things are going to get weird.

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