Filming of Congressional Reality Show Disrupts Committee Hearing


But what about the hot-tub confessional? The Onion reports.

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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Is Crazy Good

The show expertly mines the cultural baggage of crazy, a word lazily lobbed at women to discount behavior men want to minimize. 

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The Coen Brothers' classic Hollywood farce.

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Why Are Today’s Critics So Defensive?

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The Knick Season Two: Dr. Algernon Edwards Angles for Chief of Surgery

"This is the future. You think it's here too early, and I think it's here too late."

Red Oaks Creators on Making Their Pre-Snark-Era, ’80s-Set Amazon Comedy

“There’s an innocence that’s different than coming of age today. It’s the last era before sci-fi, cell phones, and the internet.”

Labyrinth of Lies Tackles Holocaust Culpability, But With an Odd Lightness

The Holocaust film is strangely light on its feet. 

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