Full House House Hits the Market, Sparks National Real-Estate Comeback


Actually, truth be told, we don't know anything about real estate, so don't go selling your gold doubloons (people still buy those, right?) and investing the proceeds in the housing market just yet. However, we do know that the house from the opening credits of Full House, located in San Francisco's Alamo Square, is on the market for the bargain basement rate of just $4.1 million! For that low, low price, you can own a piece of television history (and, most likely, be haunted by the ghost of Kimmy Gibbler!). Sure, we'd rather live in the manse from Silver Spoons or the Southfork Ranch, but, sadly, neither of those seem to be on the market at the moment. So for now, you should focus your efforts on being the winning bidder for this home and convincing Uncle Jesse to come to your housewarming party.

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