Get Him to the Greek Trailer: Jonah Hill and Russell Brand, Reunited


There's finally a trailer for the pseudo-sequel to Forgetting Sarah Marshall that seeks to harness the special chemistry Russell Brand and Jonah Hill had in that movie. Now, former luau waiter Hill plays a music-industry assistant (to an annoying P. Diddy, whose scenes in this trailer hopefully constitute his entire presence in the movie), who has 72 hours to wrangle Brand's batshit rock-star character Aldous Snow from England and get him to the Greek Theater in L.A. in time for an anniversary concert that will ostensibly save the music industry. High jinks involving failed sexual encounters, the drinking of 1900's absinthe, body-cavity drug smuggling, etc., ensue in a madcap caper slightly reminiscent of Superbad or The Hangover. Interestingly, the trailer doesn't mention the movie's provenance as a Forgetting Sarah Marshall spinoff (just that they share the same director), presumably because this movie's audience is intended to skew younger and dumber. Or something.

[YouTube via Aziz Is Bored/Tumblr]