Fake Matthew Morrison and Jayma Mays Bring Glee’s Sexual Tension to Twitter


Right before Glee went on its four-month hiatus in December, Matthew Morrison's Will and Jayma Mays's Emma finally ignited their long-simmering romance. Now some fake twitter accounts* are trying to keep that sexual tension alive online. Since early January, when "Mays" joined Twitter, most of her feed (and most of "Morrison"'s) have consisted of an ongoing back-and-forth in which fake Morrison hits on fake Mays and insults her real husband, British actor Adam Campbell, as frequently as possible.

To underscore Morrison's alleged lust, the tweeter (creepermatty) lists his location as
"Jay's tub," has decorated his page with a picture of Mays in a backless
dress, and has taken to tweeting such sweet nothings as "When we collide, sparks fly." The simulated Mays (msladayjay) has valiantly tried to hold him off, telling "Morrison" his "persistence is nauseating," "please stop dreaming," and "I just hope you know you'll be single forever if you never give anyone else a chance." The back-and-forth is obviously in fun, but it does imply that Morrison isn't quite as squeaky clean as Gleeks may think. Then again, maybe it's not that far off. We all saw his disturbing “Bust a Move” performance: Who says “you wish you could sex her” to a bunch of teenage girls?

*The original, more gullible version of this post treated the Twitter accounts as real. We blame the blizzard; we read that a thick blanket of snow not only dampens sound, but also the ability to distinguish between fact and fan fiction.